How Does Design Affect You?

While it is easy to realize that your Playstation and your iPod have been designed to look as sleek and cool as possible this is only one aspect of design.  Everything that surrounds us has been designed  - whether it’s the clothes you wear, the spoon you use or the highlighter in your pencil case.  It ranges from the artistic/theoretical (like couture fashion) to the practical (like architecture or software design).  Making the decision to work in the field of design is only the beginning . . .

Explore Design - What is it?

So you are faced with the hundreds of programs offered by universities, but are not entirely sure what you want to do besides something related to design.  Explore Design is a chance for you to talk to faculty from the programs and get a feel for which option is best for you.  Plus you will be able to talk with professionals working in the industry and get a feel for what life is like post graduation.

Now perhaps your parents are less than thrilled about your vocational choice - think about this fair as a way to help them understand that design is a viable career.  In Canada alone, 75,000 people are employed in the design sector. No program at a university or college can guarantee you a job after you graduate, but what they can do is give you skills that are transferable to any industry.  Letting your parents know that you have researched and are making educated decisions about your future will make both of you feel confident about where you are headed.  Not to mention we’ll also help you answer that most annoying question that all of your parents friends keep asking “What are you taking in school? Design?  Hmm…what kind of job do you get with that?”

What Goes On at ED?

Explore Design will have seminars, workshops, guest speakers and exhibits by educational institutions, associations and professional groups over the course of two days.  The fair is geared to help you understand just what you are getting into and what the future can hold for you.  Stay tuned for all the details . . . in the meantime check out our comment board where you can make suggestions for seminars, ask other students about programs they are interested in, find out about different design professions and trade links to the new and interesting design sites.

MMPIExplore Design is organized by MMPI Canada, producers of the One of a Kind Show, Interior Design Show and Construct Canada.