November 14 2007

Explore Design 2008 will be Oct 1+2 2008 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.   Just wait until you see what we have in store for you . . .

October 18 2007

Explore Design is over, but there is still lots going on.  Check out our student blog which has posts, podcasts and even a bit of interactive entertainment.

Contact us now to reserve your space.

Shauna Levy
VP MMPI Canada
416 960 4505


Roberta Brown
Participant Coordinator


EXPLORE DESIGN (ED) is North America’s First Design Education Fair for Youth.

Running on October 1+2 2008 at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, a consortium of educational institutions, associations and professional group will provide 2 days of interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops, and seminars. Keynote presentations will be provided by internationally recognized design professionals and design celebrities.

The full range of design disciplines will be represented including video/game design, furniture design, architecture industrial design, textile design, fashion design, interior design, graphic design, and the dozens of other design disciplines.


Calgary is not just any town but it is a town rich of resources as well as beautiful places. It is located on the Canadian province of Alberta. It is the fifth largest municipality in Canada with about 1.2 million people. Its landscape is characterized with N. American prairie, it also borders the beautiful Bow River. This indicates that it has many resources to offer.

It not only has one of the best landscape but also have has good companies in the state. In fact it has the Property Werks which usually provides awards to the best landscape company Calgary. This is because there are landscape companies that are designing spectacular and amazing designs.

Most landscape companies offers many services including:

They design a very practical and functional design that complements your personality as well as your house. They are able to offer advice on selecting trees and shrubs that are low maintained and are aesthetically appealing.

Most landscape companies provide high quality services. From the design to the implementation. Its workmanship is impressive. After implementation they inspect for a duration of time and in case it has a defect, they resolve it. They install and implement with no unnecessary delays. They clean up all the dirt and waste after completion of works.

A good landscape company in Calgary, ensure the cost of landscape is worth the output. This includes their bill of quantities, they have minimal over headings hence saving on the cost. They also offer high quality services that are cheap. Hence giving you a piece of mind on expenses incurred.

The landscape estimates are usually detailed ensuring no surprises, like the money is inadequate, will happen. To make it more accurate and transparent they divide the expense in different landscape component this include hardscape materials, soft cape material, and labor. This way you can tell whether there is any hidden cost.

You can easily contact landscape companies in Calgary and talk about the design you have on your mind to do in the outdoor area. They will be ready to listen to you. They can give you their portfolio to give you options on which you may decide what you prefer most.

MMPIExplore Design is organized by MMPI Canada, producers of the One of a Kind Show, Interior Design Show and Construct Canada.